Click on the links below to view the policies you are interested in.  Hard copies of all policies can be obtained from the School Office.


Accessibility Policy (adopted Spring Term 2015)

Admissions (adopted Summer Term 2016)

Anti-Bullying (adopted Spring Term 2016)

Assessment (adopted Spring Term 2017)

Attendance (adopted Spring Term 2014)

Behaviour & Discipline (adopted Autumn Term 2016)

Charging (adopted Autumn Term 2016)

Collective Worship (adopted Spring Term 2016)

Complaints Policy (adopted Spring Term 2016)

Confidentiality (adopted Autumn Term 2015)

Critical Incident Procedure (adopted Spring Term 2017)

Curriculum Statement (adopted Autumn Term 2016)

Dealing with Drug Related Incidents in School (adopted Spring Term 2017)

Early Years Foundation Stage (adopted Autumn Term 2016)

English (adopted Autumn Term 2015)

Equality (adopted Spring Term 2017)

Fair Treatment at Work (adopted Autumn Term 2016)

Finance (adopted Autumn Term 2016)

Freedom of Information (adopted Summer Term 2015)

Governing Body Code of Conduct & Governor Visits (adopted Summer Term 2016)

Health & Safety (adopted Autumn Term 2016)

Homeschool Agreement

Homework (adopted Summer Term 2016)

ICT Acceptable Use (adopted Autumn Term 2016)

Inclusion (adopted Summer Term 2015)

Incontinence Guidelines (adopted Spring Term 2016)

Lettings & Use of School Premises Policy (adopted Spring Term 2017)

Looked After Children (prev. C'dren in Public Care) (adopted Summer term 2015)

Managing Allegations of Abuse Policy (adopted Autumn Term 2016)

Maths Calculation (adopted Spring Term 2016)

Modern Foreign Language (adopted Spring Term 2014)

Online Safety (adopted Autumn Term 2016)

PPA (adopted Autumn Term 2015)

Physical Education (adopted Spring Term 2015)

Physical Restraint (adopted Spring Term 2017)

Privacy Notice (adopted Autumn Term 2014)

Religious Education (adopted Summer Term 2013)

Reading (adopted Spring Term 2017)

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy (adopted Spring Term 2017)

Science (adopted Spring Term 2016)

Special Educational Needs & Disability Policy (adopted Spring Term 2016)

Sex Education & Relationships (adopted Summer Term 2016)

Smokefree School (adopted Summer Term 2015)

Staff Code of Conduct Policy (aka Professional Code of Conduct) (adopted Spring Term 2017)

Teaching & Learning (adopted Spring Term 2015)

Whistleblowing (adopted Autumn Term 2016)