Our School’s Governors

Hurst Primary School’s governing body is made up of around a dozen governors who represent the school’s staff, parents and the community.  All governors are appointed directors by the Academy. So that you can get to know your governing body a little more, individual governors have provided some information about themselves.

Esther Box (Parent Governor) has been a member of the governing body since November 2011. She is currently a member of the Staffing and Curriculum committees. Esther has two children at the school and works part-time as a midwife. She feels it is important for parents to be part of ensuring the school maintains its high standards and is a local school to be proud of.  Term of Office - 15/11/15 to 14/11/19.


Tazmeen Dhillon (Parent Governor) has one child at the school and has lived in and around Bexley for most of her life. She has worked predominantly in the public sector and more recently at the Cabinet Office with central government departments. Tazmeen is self employed and has a background in project and stakeholder management. She is looking forward to contributing to the continual improvement of the school.  Term of Office - 14/07/16 to 13/07/2020.


John Johnstone (Community Governor (appointed)) has been a governor since 2011. He Chairs the Staffing Committee and has a special interest in Literacy. He has had a wide professional experience in education ranging from Higher Education to Special Education. He has also served the community as a Trustee for a Mental Health Charity and as an Adviser/ Trainer and Chair of a Citizen's Advice Bureau. He also taught classes in Keep Fit for the Over 60s.  Term of Office - 01/10/13 to 30/09/17.


Tony Linnett (Head Teacher, Staff Governor) has been the school’s Head Teacher since January 2006.  For 10 years he worked in private industry before deciding to become a teacher.  Since coming to Bexley, Tony has fully involved himself with other Bexley schools.  He has twice been Chair of the Bexley Primary Heads’ group and is currently Chair of the Primary Schools’ Sports Association. In September 2015 he became an accredited Ofsted Inspector.  He has three children aged 23, 21 and 13.  His youngest son, Joseph, helps him to retain a parent perspective of education.  Term of Office - from 01/01/06.


Claire Mortimer (Assistant Head Teacher - EYFS and KS1, Staff Governor) As a former Hurst pupil herself, Claire was delighted to join the staff in September 2009, having already taught at another Bexley Primary school for five years.  She joined the governing body in 2017, having had experience of being a governor at her previous school.  Claire has a young son William, who she very much hopes will become a Hurst pupil himself in years to come.  Term of office 12/1/17 - 11/1/21. 


Sarah Mortimer (Assistant Head Teacher - KS2, Staff Governor) Sarah came to the school in September 2010, following five years at another local Bexley Jjnior school. She was elected as a staff governor in January 2017 and has previous experience of working on a governing body as a parent governor at her sons’ infant school. With English as an area of interest, Sarah is the school’s Literacy Leader. Term of office 12/1/17 – 11/1/21.


Natalie Lloyd (Parent Governor) is a former Hurst pupil with 3 children at the school.  As a parent and now a governor, Natalie believes it's paramount that children have a learning journey at Hurst that is the best it can be in all aspects so children can flourish and reach their potential. With a background in finance, art and media Natalie is looking to draw on her experience to encourage fresh thinking and innovation, and be part of the journey which maintains high standards, values and ethics.  Term of Office - 14/07/2016 - 13/07/2020.


Iain Scott (Community Governor (appointed)) has lived in the Bexley area for most of his life.  He has two young children and is interested in assisting Hurst Primary School to create a great educational environment.  He started his professional career as a Chartered Accountant with a large accountancy firm working as an auditor.  He now works for a large consultancy firm providing specialised reward advice to businesses.  A particular area of interest for Iain has been governance and regulatory compliance and he hopes to build on this experience as a community governor.  Term of Office - 01/04/2016 - 31/03/2020.


Jayne Smith (Staff Governor) is Deputy Head Teacher at Hurst Primary. She came to the school in September 2009, following eleven years as a Deputy Head in Greenwich. She was elected as a staff governor at Hurst in 2012 and has experience of working on the governing body at her previous school. Jayne’s son, Lucas, is a pupil at Hurst Primary.  Term of Office - 01/10/13 to 30/09/17.


Trevor Wald (Community Governor (appointed)) has been a governor since 2006, originally as a parent governor when his two sons were at Hurst. He is a retired chemistry teacher from Beths Grammar School and has been coming into the school delivering science lessons to Hurst pupils for many years. He is an old boy of the school attending between 1958 and 1963.  Term of Office - 01/10/13 to 30/09/17.


Pam West (Community Governor (appointed)) has had a long association with Hurst Primary School, both as a parent and grandparent. She has been retired for several years after holding the position of Deputy Head Teacher in a Special School in Bexley. She is a member of the Staffing committee and the Chair of the Curriculum committee. Pam is also the designated governor with a specific interest in Special Needs, Safeguarding and Looked After Children. She has been a member of the governing body since 2009, and remains keen to continue her links and interest in the education of the young people in our local community.  Pam is also Chair of Governors at Belvedere Infant and Nursery School.  Term of Office - 01/10/13 to 30/09/17.


Related parties from the pecuniary interest forms completed by all governors: Mr T Wald wife Ms J Lewis (teacher).